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Kid`s playgrounds

We produce different elements of kid's playgrounds:


Regular Slide
Double Slide

Slides are made of high-strength polyethylene, which gives it the most benefits over metal analogues:

Type Length of slide, mmDimensions a /b /h (mm)Weight, kg
Double hill290045

Tubes for kid`s playground

Tubes are designed to increase children`s interest to the site .

Our tubes are durable, easy to attach to each other and can withstand temperatures from -40 ° C to +60 ° C.

Type Diameter, mmWeight, kg
tube (straight)
tube (folded)
tube (T - shaped)


With our sandbox eleemnts you can construct sandbox of any geometry. Elements of the sandbox with the help of the tubes are connected in a closed loop. Free pipe sections mounted in the ground. After the assembly, for a secure fit, it is recommended to fix the pipe 4 screws and lock securely in the ground.

Dimensions of sandbox element: (L*W*H) = 1060*60*250 mm.

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