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Our Services:

  1. Manufacturing the base for houseboat
  2. Manufacture House
  3. Equip Houseboat with accessories
  4. Turnkey VivaMarina Houseboat
  5. Not just houseboat: Other projects


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We welcome both:

Polystyrene filled floatation modules

Houseboat foam filled floatation modules are light weight floating constructions, produced from high quality polyethylene. They are supposed to be a part of floating platform for houseboat, floating cabin, floating cafe or floating beach.


Our foam filling technology:

Floatation modules can stand temperatures in range from -60°C to +60°C and are also resistant to sudden temperature fluctuations. There is no need to deassemble or remove construction in winter period.

Houseboat Products

Pontoon with engine

TypeDimensions a/b/h, mmVolume, lPrice
Float W 800 mm front1200 / 800 / 890425ask for price
Float W 800 mm middle1200 / 800 / 890650ask for price


TypeDimensions a/b/h, mmVolume, lPrice
Float W 800 mm front1200 / 800 / 890425ask for price
Float W 800 mm middle1200 / 800 / 890650ask for price
Float W 1200 mm front1200 / 1200 / 940770ask for price
Float W 1200 mm middle1200 / 1200 / 9401060ask for price
Float W 1200 mm back1560 / 1200 / 9401220ask for price

Non-movable houses

Our 1900 float ensures great stability of floating structure and needs simpler steel platform, compared to 1200 float.

TypeDimensions a/b/h, mmVolume, l Price
Pontoon float 1000L1900 / 1150 / 5101000ask for price

Steel platform

TypeLength, mWidth, m Price
Catamaran 6m6customask for price
Catamaran 8m8customask for price
Catamaran 10.8m10.8customask for price
Trimaran 14.9m14.9customask for price
Floating house platformcustomcustomask for price

We can also manufacture custom platform based on dimensions, max load and other requirements.

Manufacture House

VivaMarina engineers have 10 years of experience in yacht buiding. Combined with our last years interest in Houseboat , we can offer a great help for people, who have are seeking for advice in their own Houseboat project.

After all customer requirements were taken into account, we develop a computer prototype. Because we are manufacturers of plastic modules and steel platform, we already at this stage consider things like: weight distribution, freeboard, steering mechanism, fuel efficiency, etc.

Equip Houseboat with accessories

Some of our products can be very helpful for the houseboat:

Empty float for water storage

Slide to water

Turnkey VivaMarina Houseboat

We are currently developing our own houseboat project.

TypeDimensions a/b, mm        Price
Viva Houseboat 1212000 / 4500        ask for price


La Mare

Bydgosz, Poland

Love Boat

Berlin, Germany


Plau am See, Germany

Floats for Dredging machines

Kherson, Ukraine

Not just houseboat: Other projects

Based on our floatation modules and steel platform, it is possible to create custom constructions. Some of examples are below:

Redisigning boats on metal pontoons

Football fields (on water)

Floating houses\cafes

In water entertainments

In case metal floats have aged, it is possible to renew floatation properties, by adding 3d row of plastic floatation modules.

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