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Product description

We produce cesspools with the capacity of 3000 l и 5000 l.

Cesspools are tanks to be set-up into the ground; they are designed for the collection of waste water and used for sewage systems in households, farmsteads, cottages. Unlike with septic tanks, where the water is filtered and gradually goes away, the сesspool tank should be emptied after the overflow.

The products have a wellhead of 600mm height, firmly soldered to the neck and capped with a lid of 560mm in diameter. At the transverse edge of the tank a branch pipe is installed (Ø = 110mm, L = 200mm) for connecting a sewer pipe. Staples for anchoring are also soldered to the tank.

NameV, lD tanks, mmh tanks, mmWall thickness, mmCost
Cesspools 3000l300016501600+6001017524 uah
Cesspools 5000l500018502100+6001026340 uah

Cesspools are made of high-strength polyethylene, resistant to temperature extremes and corrosive environments. A smooth inner surface of the product prevents the formation of deposits and layers.

The possibility of the leakage of stored substances is excluded due to thick walls and absence of surface seams.

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