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Recycling bins

Our company produces plastic waste sorting garbage bins for secondary raw materials and waste.

Waste sorting garbage bins
Separate Recycling Waste Bin

Plastic bins for selective waste collection

The new solution for separating waste is plastic outside bins that look like bells. Such bins as ours are very durable and reliable for collecting recyclable waste, such as paper, glass, plastic and mixed household waste. Depending on the purpose, bins can be equipped with holes for separating waste. Holes can be adapted by size and form. Bins have retainers in the top part, which are linked by strong rods. They are intended for lifting bins and opening two holes in the flat bottom.

Type Volume, lDimensions a/ b /h (mm)
Container 250025001600 / 1400 / 1740
Container 2500 Sphere25001630 / 1630 / 1630
Benefits of bell type bins: (test)

For making bins we use high strength, frost-resistant (from -40°C to +60°С), nutritional polyethylene. Bin material resistant to effect of atmosphere factors, various aggressive substances, that is why this tank guarantees long lifetime.

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