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We have customers in most European countries, especially we have frequent deliveries to Poland, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia.

Our foam filling technology:

Floatation modules can stand temperatures in range from -60°C to +60°C and are also resistant to sudden temperature fluctuations. There is no need to deassemble or remove construction in winter period.

Houseboat platforms

We supply custom size houseboat platforms. Each houseboat platform consists of standard plastic floats and steel platform.

Floats for light/narrow houseboats

TypeDimensions a/b/h, mmVolume, lPrice
Float W800 Front1200 / 800 / 810425ask for price
Float W800 Speed Front2440 / 800 / 810912ask for price
Float W800 Middle1200 / 800 / 810650ask for price
Float W800 Back1600 / 800 / 810790ask for price
Float W900 Front1260 / 980 / 945620ask for price
Float W900 Speed Front2440 / 980 / 9451181ask for price
Float W900 Middle1240 / 980 / 945828ask for price
Float W900 Back1650 / 980 / 9451026ask for price

Floats for standard houseboats

TypeDimensions a/b/h, mmVolume, lPrice
Float W1200 Front1200 / 1200 / 940580ask for price
Float W1200 Middle1200 / 1200 / 9401060ask for price
Float W1200 Back1560 / 1200 / 9401220ask for price
Float W1200 Speed Front L12001200 / 1280 / 945560ask for price
Float W1200 Speed Front2440 / 1280 / 9451554ask for price
Float W1200 Speed Middle1240 / 1280 / 9451065ask for price
Float W1200 Speed Back1650 / 1280 / 9451297ask for price

Speed series

We are happy to introduce 2 new families of floats: W900, W1200S features:

Steel platform

TypeLength, mWidth, m Price
Catamaran 6m6customask for price
Catamaran 8m8customask for price
Catamaran 10.8m10.8customask for price
Trimaran 14.9m14.9customask for price


Connection of W800/900/1200/1200S float to Steel platform

Platforms for W 900/W1200S floats do not have steel beam underwater. Instead there are metal plates

Underwater metal plates for W900, W1200S floats

We can also manufacture custom platform based on dimensions, max load and other requirements.

Heavy floating houses platforms

Heavy floating houses can be built based on our Pontoon float 1000L. It ensures great stability of heavy floating house and needs simpler steel platform, compared to 1200 float.


TypeDimensions a/b/h, mmVolume, l Price
Pontoon float 1000L1900 / 1150 / 5101000ask for price

Floating house platform

TypeLength, mWidth, m Price
Floating house platformcustomcustomask for price

Advantages compared to concrete floating platform:

Custom floating platform

Our performs very good in floating cafes, floating terraсes and others. See more in references.

Equip Houseboat with accessories

Some of our products can be very helpful for the houseboat:

Empty float for water storage

Slide to water

All our floats can be supplied empty with reinforced walls for purposes of water storage. If you need to connect a tread, you can screw that in horizontal plane on top of float.

Floats with boxes

Below are standard floats with inserted rotationally molded boxes. Typical applications-storage of: black/grey water, ballast, machinery, diesel (NOT bensin).

Float W1200 Middle Tank 470L
Float W1200 Back Tank Diesel 470L
Float W1200 Middle Box
Float W1200 Speed Middle Box/Tank/Diesel Tank 470L
Float W1200 Speed Back Box/Tank/Diesel Tank 470L
Float W900 Middle Box/Tank/Diesel Tank 440L
Float W900 Back Tank 440L

Floats with non standard attachments/boxes

Such boxes are produced from PE sheets. Below are some of examples. Per request more custom attachments can be engineered

Float W1200 Speed Front Box+Truster dia 197
Float W900 Speed Front Box+Truster dia 197
Float W1200 Middlle Box+Truster dia 197
Float W800 Speed Front Box+Truster dia 155

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