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Road barriers

We produce 3 types of road barriers:

road barrier L=1000
road barrier L=1200
road barrier L=1500

Water-filled road barriers are manufactured in compliance with the letter of "UKRAVTODOR"(Ukraine Road Service) and certified by the traffic police. They are made of polyethylene, resistant to solar UV radiation and temperature extremes from -40 ° C to +60 ° C. Available in two basic colors: white and red.

These barriers can be connected to the column, creating a closed loop and have recesses-arm on each side for easy carrying. Barriers can be filled with water and there is no need to drain water in the winter.

In case of collision with a car, thanks to the weight of water loaded, colon amortizes the vehicle and saves driver and passengers from injuries.

Road barriers are needed for the construction or repair of roads to ensure an adequate level of road safety.

Other applications:

Type Length, (mm)Height, (mm)Width, (mm)
Road barrier 10001000800480
Road barrier 1200N1200800480
Road barrier 15001500800480
Traffic Cone 500500
Traffic Cone 500 reflective500
Traffic Cone 800800
Traffic Cone 800 reflective800
Traffic Bake1235300
Traffic Bake footing490130390
Barrier PE 2000х100010002000
Barrier PE 2000х1000 NEW10002000
Stand for the barrier750120385
Anti - glare screen240900100
Tumba road80012401500
Road barriers connecting 10001500

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