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We have customers in most European countries, especially we have frequent deliveries to Poland, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia.

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Floatation modules can stand temperatures in range from -60°C to +60°C and are also resistant to sudden temperature fluctuations. There is no need to deassemble or remove construction in winter period.

Our foam filling technology:

Foam filling technology


Mooring finger

Mooring fingers can be delivered in length: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12m. Mooring fingers facilitate boat parking and allow to park more boats in Marinas.


Walkable fingers

Walkable fingers facilitate getting in and off the boat. Our Walkable fingers are made of steel platform, plastic float(s) and decking.

Mooring (Non-walkable) fingers

TypeLength, mmWidth, mm Price
Mooring Finger4000-12000100ask for price
Mooring finger+Y decking 4000-12000100ask for price

Walkable fingers

TypeLength, mmWidth, mm Price
Walkable finger W3804000-12000380ask for price
Walkable finger W7404000-12000740ask for price


TypeDimensions a/b/h, mmVolume, l Price
U - bracket- / - / --ask for price
Mooring finger float 100L797 / 297 / 580100ask for price
Mooring finger float 130L797 / 297 / 690130ask for price
Mooring finger float 150L797 / 297 / 790150ask for price
Pontoon float 230L H4501130 / 640 / 450220ask for price
Pontoon float 280L H5701130 / 640 / 570280ask for price
Pontoon float 330L H6501130 / 640 / 650330ask for price

Walkable finger steel platform
Walkable finger steel platform
Walkable finger steel platform


Custom finger

Based on Your ideas we can deliver any finger you want. That means that fingers can be:

  • Width 400mm, 640mm
  • Custom lengt (from 4m to 12m)
  • Custom max load
  • Fingers able to adjust to water level change



Marinas can be built based on our Light steel Pontoons. Pontoons, constructed from our floatation modules can withstand loads up to 400 kg per 1 m2.

Advantages compared to concrete:


TypeDimensions a/b/h, mmVolume, l Price
Pontoon float 1000L1900 / 1150 / 5101000ask for price
Pontoon float 400L H5001600 / 500 / 500400ask for price

Complete Pontoons

Pontoon 1.25m wide

Pontoon 1.25m widePontoon 2m widePontoon 2.4m wide
TypeLength, mmWidth, mm Price
Pontoon 1.25m wide8 000/ 10 000/ 12 0001250ask for price
Pontoon 2 m wide6 000/ 8 000/ 10 000/ 12 0002000ask for price
Pontoon 2.4 m wide7 500/ 10 000/ 12 0002400ask for price
Pontoon 3 m wide8 000/ 10 000/ 12 0003000ask for price


TypeLength, mmWidth, mm Price
Gangway 1.2m wide6 000/ 8 000/ 10 000/ 12 0001200ask for price
Gangway 2m wide6 000/ 8 000/ 10 000/ 12 0002000ask for price

Other Advantages:

Anchoring buoys

Anchoring buoys

Anchoring buoys are the easiest solution to anchor your private boat\yacht. Anchoring buoys can be used in both professional Marinas and private docks.

TypeDimensions a/b/h, mmVolume, l Price
Buoy float 45L410 / 410 / 50048ask for price
Buoy float 75L478 / 478 / 60078ask for price
Buoy float 130L600 / 600 / 750130ask for price
Buoy float 240L760 / 760 / 750240ask for price
Buoy steel galvanized pipe60 / 60 / 1500-ask for price



Pedestals provide boat owners with access to electricity and water supply. Unique feature of our pedestals is white colored lid. When it gets dark, it can function as lighting system.

Pedestals can be used not only in marinas, but also in caravan\camping stations.

PE pedestal boxes

TypeDimensions a/b/h, mmVolume, l Price
Pedestal400 / 440 / 1011ask for price
Round pedestal300 / 300 / 840ask for price

Steel bases

TypeDimensions a/b/h, mmVolume, l Price
Pedestal base360 / 425 / 50ask for price
Round pedestal base275 / 275 / 401ask for price

Advantages of plastic foam filled floating docks:

Order custom floatation module

We are full-cycle rotomolding producers. This means that our supply chain has stages such as computer 3d model design, development of prototype, mass production and quality control.

Today we are interested in extending our range of floatation modules. We welcome our customers to ask for custom products and promise to offer reasonable price-quality-time ratios .

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