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Construction Rubble Discharger Chutes

Construction Rubble Discharger Chutes is designed to remove rubble from the floors being built or repaired buildings.

With this arm, possibly, removal of rubble from the simultaneous loading it into the garbage cans or car body. Construction Rubble Discharger Chutes saves money because the are reduce the cost of rubble removal and loading of waste containers. Another important factor is that the use of Construction Rubble Discharger Chutes improve the environment at the construction site and around it, can significantly reduce dust when removing rubble. Also Chutes increases safety during construction.

The Chute easily and quickly assembled and disassembled with carbines. The mount with mounting frames is possible to window openings, balconies or scaffold made of metal under construction or being repaired building.

Components and installation

The column of Construction Rubble Discharger Chutes consists of a set of Straight Chute and Accepting Chute, made of high strength polyethylene. The chutes are joined together with steel chains and carabines.

The Accepting Chute is designed to acceptance of construction waste, and set the Construction column in places of rubble clear. The Straight Chute is designed to direct the rubble down through the Construction’s column. Extinguisher is attached to the building wall thickness of 10 to 70cm, with special clamps.

When mounting the Construction’s column, the upper Accepting Chute is attached with the top Extinguisher, and all others with intermediate. Between the Construction’s columns in this case you should place the Corbel of Fastening.

Operation manual.

In order to avoid congestion of rubble at the Construction’s elements you should not to unload the pieces of rubble larger than 35 cm or in bulk at the same time pieces larger than 20 cm, sharp pieces of metal, glass and fittings.

For reliable working and to prevent breakdown of the actions of significant dynamic loads discharged from the rubble, it is necessary after every 10 - 15 Chutes to set the metal Corbel of Fastening. To fix the Construction’s column only brackets which are included or agreed with the producer should be used.

When assembling it is necessary to abide by the rule: when the Chutes are displayed, the lower section of the upper Chute must be below the upper edge of the lower Chute not less than 100 mm.

When installing Construction Rubble Discharger Chutes must be considered:

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