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Development of new products

With the help of our powerful facilities, it is possible to organize the development of almost any plastic products. Furthermore, our goods are characterised by the highest quality, not comparable in performance to metal or fibreglass analogues.

What products can we develop?

All our products are designed and made by us using the technology of rotational moulding.

It is also possible to develop a complex product from a large number of parts

as well as a simple one

It is possible to develop end-products as well as spares for different types of machinery:

There is a wide range of product sizes:

Prices and terms

Prices for the development and production of moulds vary greatly depending on the complexity of the product and conditions of the agreement. The cost of the development and start of production is usually in the range of $ 1,000 to $ 15,000.

The price depends greatly on the conditions of the agreement, for example, whether the client wants all the rights to the tank reserved or it remains at our disposal; whether the client is going to sell the manufactured product or his needs are limited to a batch for domestic needs only, and we can do the implementation through our own channels.

Terms of development and start of production depend on the completeness of the information provided to customers. In case a prototype is available, the development and production of a mould takes from two weeks to a month, depending on the complexity of the product. In case of development from scratch, the production period usually lasts from 1 to 3 months.


  1. We can develop a product from the very idea of yours.
  2. We can launch a production phase based on your sketch.
  3. We can organise plastic product manufacture based on metal or any other sample.

Our collaboration starts from your filling in a brief and sending it to our email address After reviewing your brief, our representatives will contact you in 1-2 days to clarify the details. Next, a commercial proposal will be sent to you. Ideally, this proposal includes:

  • З-D image
  • Recommended weight and wall thickness of a product
  • Estimated cost of a product, based on current prices for raw materials and energy.
  • Terms of mould production
  • Cost of project documentation
  • Estimated cost of the mould and its production launch

As soon as the agreement is reached and the document is signed, we set to work:

  1. Generate a technical task, closely interacting with the customer.
  2. Produce a rotational mould of the product.
  3. Produce several plastic samples.

The products are then tested by the client. In case of minor issues or flaws, a slight correction of a ready-made mould is possible. Modifications in the production regime aimed at product wall thickening or thinning are also available.

  1. Conduct internal quality control testing of a product.
  2. Work out all the necessary documentation.

As a result of product development, the customer shall receive the documentation, mould of the product, and plastic samples.

Product development

After the development of a product and first mould manufacture, the product release is launched. Our technology has contributed to a cost-effective release of even small batches (10-20 pieces).

The rate of production is proportional to the number of issued moulds. It takes about an hour to produce a single product with the mould. The release of the second mould to accelerate the production is much cheaper than the first release. All manufactured products must undergo quality control testing.

With each customer, we discuss packaging options (usually a simple wrapping in polyethylene) and his own version of the logistics.

Mould maintenance

When the production is terminated for a long period, the mould must be stored somehow and somewhere. Mould storage is far from the easiest process. It must be properly prepared for storage, and before the start of production it must be properly prepared for exploitation. Therefore, we provide a specific service for the maintenance and storage of moulds we have in stock. Upon the owner's request, the mould can be sealed to ensure that it is not used without his agreement.

The advantages of rotational moulding development with us

Unlike the development of products with other production methods (injection molding machine, vacuum moulding), the one with the rotational moulding is much more cost-effective. Due to this, manufactured production turns out to be profitable even in small batches.

The advantages of rotational moulding

  • Low cost of moulds for the production of items
  • The release of new products is profitable in small batches
  • The possibility of manufacturing large size products
  • The possibility of producing monolithic items of a complex mould
  • The possibility of adding metal parts and graphic images
  • The possibility of producing the same product with different wall sicknesses without mould modification
  • Obtaining products without internal pressure
  • Relatively long time of the production of items (one product per hour with one mould)

The advantages of collaboration with LLC «Ukrhimplast»

  • Computer visualization of future products
  • 3D modelling of products and moulds
  • Collaborative design of products based on packaging, storage, assembly, maintenance, transportation and exploitation of products
  • A minimum period of product development and mould manufacture is 1 month
  • A minimum cost of product development and mould manufacture is 1000$
  • Final payment is made only after a prototype has been properly tested
  • Prepayment does not exceed 50%
  • A full set of technical documentation is provided
  • The possibility of further upgrades and alterations of moulds for products

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