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Peat dry closet and toilet cabin

Product description

We produce peat dry closet and toilet cabin. Peat dry closet is perfect for suburban areas and other places where there is no sewage system. It can be placed indoors or in toilet cabin.

Working principle

Advanced design of the peat toilet as it simplifies the process of exploitation: the toilet is equipped with a mechanism of adding the peat mixture in the holding tank, and the effective elimination of unpleasant odors is provided by the exhaust pipe. The peat mixture used in toilets, has a high absorption capacity. 1 kg of a mixture of peat is absorbed by 10 liters of liquid fraction. As a result, the surface area of the evaporation of the liquid fraction is greatly increased. And 90% of the fluid is removed with chimney pipe. Peat toilet installed in the room with the possibility of deducing the ventilation pipe. Vent pipe is required to remove odors, and evaporation of excess liquid from the toilet, and is intended to supply oxygen to the compost mass.


Initially, the bottom of the receiving tank is filled with peat at 1-2 cm, and the peat is poured into the upper tank dress (volume 7 liters). After using the toilet dispenser knob on the upper tank several times from side to side to evenly covered the peat content of the receiving tank toilet. Emptying the toilets as it is filling is providing in the following way: the upper part of the design is removed and the contents shall be submitted to the garden or the compost pit. A year later, you will get rich manure compost mass.

Components of peat dry closet:

  1. Enclosure
  2. Toilet seat
  3. Cover pan
  4. Handle dispenser
  5. Container
  6. The exhaust pipe
  7. Dispenser
  8. Perforated container

This model is equipped with a peat toilet perforated container (volume 45 liters), further ensuring the separation of filtered liquid fraction, which improves evaporation and prevents souring of the composting mass. For toilet ‘s more effective work, during the frequent use, we recommend to take the filtered liquid fraction in the drain sump.

Toilet cabin

"Ukrhimplast" Ltd. offers Country toilet cabin and Country toilet cabin with Peat dry closet installed.

Country toilet cabin are produced from high quality imported European-made polyethylene, resistant to sudden temperature changes from -40оС to +60оС. Special additives to the polyethylene make the cabin resistant to directly exposed of solar ultraviolet radiation. The cabin dimensions: 1100 x 1100 x 2400 mm. Cabins are lightweight (80 kg) and can be easily transported both assembled and disassembled.

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