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Flowerpot is one of the most versatile types of flower pots, a decorative rectangular plastic container for plants and flower pots, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. There are no holes in the bottom of the flowerpot to prevent water from pouring out, and on the side surface, you can install plugs and fittings for draining excess moisture.

Name Volume, lDimensions a /b /h, mm
Сache-pot rectangulaire1200 / 613 / 400

Ideal for growing vegetables using the method pioneered by scientist and gardening practitioner Mel Bartholomew, as described in the book "Square Foot Gardening." Applying the square foot gardening method in vegetable growing allows saving at least 80 percent of the plot area. The amount of work for thinning, weeding, and watering is significantly reduced since all of these activities will be carried out on 1/5 of the area that your garden currently occupies (30 seconds for weeding, 1 minute for watering)!

Also, with the help of this container and an interesting selection of flowering plants, you can create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere on the balcony, terrace, or in the backyard. The rectangular balcony flowerpot is suitable for planting flowers as well as germinating various types of seeds. Harmoniously fits into gardens, balconies, and terraces. Pot color: Blue, yellow, green, red (pre-order options: gray, orange, blue). Flowerpots from the "Ukrhimplast" brand and a bit of imagination will help you turn your balcony, terrace, or windowsill into a small island of color and the beauty of living flowers

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