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Shower tanks, summer shower cabin

Product description

We produce shower tanks with capacity of 140 and 200l. and summer shower cabins .

This products are useful for:

Shower tanks

With our tank, summer shower can be easily constructed from any material available.

Tapered bottom allows 100% water draining. Shower tank`s color is black, so the water is heated rapidly. Material of the tank is polyethylene, strong, not afraid of sunlight and high tempratures.

Summer shower cabin

Shower cabin can be constructed from readily available materials, but you can do easier by buying a toilet cabine.

Kit of summer shower cabin includes :

To improve the air circulation vents are installed in the cabin walls. Cabine color - blue or green. Weight: 65 kg. Overall dimensions: 1200 * 1200 * 2470 mm.

These products are made of high-strength, freeze-resistant (from -40 ° C to +60 ° C) polyethylene. The material of products is durable and resistant to UV exposure.

The cabin is set on a flat surface. It requires quite a small slope or trough for water draining. If necessary, the cabin is attached to the surface with dowels, so it did not move (plugs not included in delivery).

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